• Fantasy

    The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

    When I first saw Groundhog Day, I thought the concept was rather entertaining… plus the film featured Bill Murray. The idea of a time loop is not new and has been used plenty of places. [...]
  • Comedy

    The Right One

    What did I just watch? I’m not sure if it was a comedy, a drama, or a romance. Do we call it a Rom-Dramedy? Whatever it was, it was an enjoyable film that I normally [...]
  • Drama

    Happy Cleaners

    Happy Cleaners is a family drama about a Korean family searching for the American Dream. While there are humorous points in the film, it is primarily a look at the struggles of the family. The [...]
  • Drama


    This film feels very timely. We’re hearing stories about increases in opioid related deaths. We’re struggling to find human contact. Some people are wondering if we’re stuck inside a simulation. Then along comes Bliss and all [...]
  • Documentary

    Apollo 11: Quarantine

    I’ve realized I’m going to have to stop saying that I hate documentaries and start saying that I hate documentaries on topics that I’m not interested in. Apollo 11: Quarantine is a 23 minute short that [...]