• Noelle


    Noelle is an instant Christmas classic. Every year, my wife looks forward to watching Home Alone and I rewatch Christmas Vacation. I’m pretty sure that rewatching this movie will be on both our wishlists next [...]
  • Mob Town

    Mob Town

    I’ve always been a sucker for a good mob movie and I enjoy true stories, so when I heard about Mob Town, it just made sense since it combined two of my favourites. The film [...]
  • Daniel Isn't Real

    Daniel Isn’t Real

    There were two reasons I was eager to see Daniel Isn’t Real. The first was that Shudder was involved. I’m quite impressed with their films and enjoy watching anything they release. The second was Patrick Schwarzenegger, [...]
  • Knives and Skin

    Knives and Skin

    I’ll be the first to admit that this movie was not for me… I like movies with a story and I didn’t really feel that this movie had one. Sure, there was a premise – [...]
  • The Shed

    The Shed

    When I turn on a horror movie, I’m not looking for much other than to be scared and entertained. The Shed eventually succeeded in providing both of these elements, but it was trying at times to [...]