• Horror


    I have come to absolutely hate trailers. Over the past decade trailer editors have included more and more spoilers in the trailers. At the same time, there are so many good trailer editors out there [...]
  • Documentary

    All Light, Everywhere

    I used to say that I hated documentaries and, lately, I’ve seen a lot of really good documentaries. I was really thinking that I was becoming a fan of the genre, then I watched All Light, [...]
  • Documentary

    P!NK: All I Know So Far

    In August of 2019, my wife and I attended P!NK’s Beautiful Trauma World Tour stop in Toronto. I liked some of her songs, but I wasn’t what I would call a fan… I was indifferent. [...]
  • Drama

    Still the Water

    This film was released a few weeks ago, but due to other commitments, I simply wasn’t able to watch it. That’s probably the most disappointing part of this review. I often say that I’ve discovered [...]
  • Horror


    Sometimes, the people who cut trailers are just too good at their jobs. I feel like that was the case with Initiation. The trailer made me think that I was getting a great slasher flick. [...]