• Wander


    If you make one mistake while you read this review, it will be reading past the first paragraph. Stop right now. Do not read other reviews. Do not watch the trailer. Do not Google the [...]
  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season

    While this was on Hulu in the United States, it was a rental up here in Canada. My wife and I watched it this weekend and we were quite entertained. The film is not your [...]
  • Drama


    I made sure that I slept on Luxor before writing about it. Often, I find that when I dislike a film that letting it sink in for a day can change my opinion or at least [...]
  • Action


    Santa Claus is on the government payroll? Well he is in Fatman the latest movie from the Nelms Brothers, a writer/director team that previously gave us Waffle Street, which was an awesome film. This new Mel Gibson [...]
  • Drama

    Sweet Parents

    If nothing else, Sweet Parents is a roller coaster ride of emotions. It is also difficult to talk about the emotions it produces without breaking my rules around spoilers, I need to talk about this film [...]