• The Shed

    The Shed

    When I turn on a horror movie, I’m not looking for much other than to be scared and entertained. The Shed eventually succeeded in providing both of these elements, but it was trying at times to [...]
  • Primal


    For what it is, Primal is a 5-star film. It may have a November release date, but it is 100% a summer popcorn action flick. It is the type of film that I would have [...]
  • Danger Close

    Danger Close

    Intense. I’m not sure how else to describe the Australian film Danger Close. I have never cursed, yelled, and shaken so much while watching a film. When they announce the Oscar for best picture, this is [...]
  • Cold Brook

    Cold Brook

    I love TV and movies… I guess you’d have to expect that given that I run this website. So, when I heard that a movie featured the stars of Prison Break (William Fichtner), Sons of [...]
  • Horror


    I always find it entertaining when I see actors that I consider to be mainstream in a B-horror film. That’s the case with Mary, a B-horror film from Michael Goi. Honestly though, the B-moniker may be [...]