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    I always find that the higher I rate a film, the less I want to write the review. I don’t want to spoil the movie and I’m worried that any discussion will provide hints that [...]
  • Mighty Oak

    Mighty Oak

    Sometimes a movie just speaks to you. One of the first films to do that for me was A Walk to Remember. When it came out, I was 20, I was in college, and something was [...]
  • WrestleMassacre


    Sometimes you come across a movie so bad that you have to laugh. That’s how I felt about WrestleMassacre. The film appears to have been shot without a budget, potentially with cell phones. There is no [...]
  • Mr. Jones

    Mr. Jones

    Mr. Jones is a long, slow film… not MCU long, but long none-the-less. The film, advertised as a biopic, tells the story of Gareth Jones, a Welsh journalist that broke the news of Holodomor and [...]