• Comedy


    MANDIBLES is above all a genuine and sincere comedy about friendship. It’s also, thanks to the presence of a giant fly at the heart of the story, a fantasy film. Quentin Dupieux, writer/director I’m not [...]
  • Comedy

    Ride the Eagle

    I went into Ride the Eagle with very high expectations. I think if I’d expected less, I could have easily called this a 4.5-star or even a 5-star film. Honestly, I still really enjoyed the film, [...]
  • Documentary

    Last Call: The Shutdown of NYC Bars

    Amazing documentaries just keep showing up in my inbox and Last Call: The Shutdown of NYC Bars is no exception. The film focuses on Jena Ellenwood, a bartender in Queens, New York as COVID-19 drives bars [...]
  • Comedy

    The Exchange

    The Exchange. See it. That should be my review. It is honestly all that I need to do. Until recently, if you had asked me about the best Canadian coming of age film, I would [...]
  • Action


    My editor, aka my wife, is not a fan of action flicks. When an action film shows up for review, it is difficult to get her to read the reviews I write and even harder [...]