• Movies

    No Escape

    Jaw dropping. That sums this film up quite nicely. This movie is an electrifying wild ride from the opening scene with the awful CGI jet. I can honestly say that the horrible CGI in the [...]
  • Rent+A+Pal+Still+5


    Weird. Creepy. Unexpected. Those are probably the three words I would use to describe Rent-A-Pal. It is a wild 109 minute ride that is completely unexpected. When we finished the film, my wife described it as [...]
  • Movies

    The Owners

    Sometimes, you come across a movie that you aren’t quite sure how to deal with. For me, that happened with The Owners. I went in with high expectations because the synopsis sounded amazing – the film [...]
  • Documentary

    You Cannot Kill David Arquette

    I have always been a David Arquette fan, but I’ve never paid much attention to his career. If I see his named attached to a movie, I’m excited to watch it – he was one [...]
  • Robin's Wish

    Robin’s Wish

    I will always be able to tell you exactly where I was when I learned that Robin Williams had passed away. On August 11, 2014, my wife was out of town visiting family and I [...]