• Movies

    Hot Seat

    I was really excited to watch Hot Seat. Any film that features cybersecurity is of interest to me because that’s my day job. It also means that I’m highly critical of those films and I’m going [...]
  • Drama

    All My Puny Sorrows

    I am not a religious person, but watching All My Puny Sorrows the phrase, “the sins of the father are visited upon the children” popped into my head. The film, based on a novel by Miriam [...]
  • Movies

    Murder at Yellowstone City

    I love a good western. It’s just a classic genre of film that makes me think of my dad. If not for him, I probably never would have seen a western and I likely wouldn’t [...]
  • Movies

    Press Play

    We have a tendency to compare films. Film A was better than Film B, but Film B was better than Film C. It is this tendency that drives the biggest blockbusters to be bigger and [...]
  • Comedy


    Growing up in the Latino community, I noticed that many of my friends and family members constantly had to do this calculation about how they were being perceived–trying to make sure that they weren’t being [...]