No Man of God

No Man of God tells the story of Ted Bundy and his relationship with FBI agent Bill Hagmaier of the Behaviour Analysis Unit (BAU). Hagmaier befriends Bundy over the years, ultimately getting Bundy to confess […]


Shoplifters of the World

Shoplifters of the World has given me a new first… the first time I’ve seen a film state, “Based on true intentions.” “How does that make any sense?”, you ask. Well, let’s start with a […]

PG - Psycho Goreman

PG: Psycho Goreman

There are movies that I remember from my childhood that I could watch time and time again. Films like Little Monsters, Gremlins, Three Amigos, and Little Shop of Horrors. I watched these movies on repeat and they were silly […]



Lately, I’ve found that movies irritate me. When a film ends, I can see the brilliance that the writer put on paper. I can tell exactly what emotions the director wanted to evoke. When I […]

The Opening Act

The Opening Act

As soon as I saw the trailer for The Opening Act, I was excited to see it. It was filled with a brilliant cast of comedians, it starred Jimmy O. Yang, who killed it in his […]


The Owners

Sometimes, you come across a movie that you aren’t quite sure how to deal with. For me, that happened with The Owners. I went in with high expectations because the synopsis sounded amazing – the film […]



This is the longest that I’ve ever dwelled on a movie before writing about it. I think the film actually left me in a state of shock and, while I wanted to drop my review […]

The Tax Collector

The Tax Collector

David Ayer? Check. Shia LaBeouf? Check. Who doesn’t want to watch that film? Ayer has been associated with so many films that I’ve enjoyed – The Fast and the Furious, Training Day, S.W.A.T., End of […]


The Dead Lands

The Dead Lands from Shudder and RLJE Films is defined as a horror/action series and I feel like this does a disservice to the series. A lot of people are turned off by horror series […]

You Don't Nomi

You Don’t Nomi

A few weeks ago, a colleague and I ended up having a rather in depth discussion regarding the films of Paul Verhoeven. We talked about the complexity of them, the social satire, and Verhoeven in […]