Boiling Point

Let’s start with honesty… I didn’t expect much from Boiling Point. In fact, after seeing the trailer, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to review the film. The trailer looked like it had been put together […]


Red Notice

How do you make a perfect action comedy popcorn flick designed to provide pure entertainment for 2 hours? You put Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot together in a film written by Rawson Marshall […]


Home Sweet Home Alone

We have a new entry in the Home Alone franchise. As far as my wife and I are concerned, there are only two films in the franchise – the original 1990 Home Alone and the (possibly better […]


Mayor Pete

I was intrigued by Buttigieg. He had a remarkable composure, evident intelligence, and a gift for conveying complex ideas in ways that felt graspable. But could his underdog campaign possibly be successful? Could a small-town […]



I saw Nightshooters as part of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, but, somehow, did not publish the review. This was a horrible oversight on my part as the film was a lot of fun to […]


One Shot

Sometimes you just want a mindless action flick. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, I love to sit back and forget everything and watch a movie. It’s even better when it’s a stupid film that […]



The film is inspired by the true life of Sister Ping, I was fascinated by the woman behind the mass migration of the Fujianese community to America. Sadly I never got the opportunity to meet […]