Dress Code

When I started writing movie reviews, I simply reviewed whatever movie I watched and, for a while, that was fun. The problem, however, is that getting press kits (quotes, images, and posters) can be difficult. […]


Mafia Mamma

Fun. That should probably be the end of the review… but I’m not sure that a one-word review is worth much to most people. Mafia Mamma is, simply put, a lot of fun. That said, I […]


One Day as a Lion

When I read the script for One Day as a Lion, it reminded me of late-’70s Woody Allen blended with the films of the ’90s, most notably Buffalo 66, where everyone who came on screen […]


Emily the Criminal

Emily the Criminal is a movie. There is no denying that. It also features recognizable faces including Aubrey Plaza and Theo Rossi, both of whom are fantastic in their roles. What is debatable is whether […]



When Boon first came to my attention, I was really excited. The story sounded up my alley and the cast list was filled with a selection of actors that I love seeing on screen. Actor […]


Last Looks

Whenever I see Charlie Hunnam or Morena Baccarin in the cast list for a film or show, I know I’m going to watch it. Sons of Anarchy and Firefly were two of the best shows […]



I grew up in New York City. From a young age I was struck by the impact of poverty, drugs and violence afflicting those around me. Although the city has changed, I am still troubled […]


Ida Red

Ida Red has a highly recognizable cast. That’s probably the biggest draw to the film because the synopsis doesn’t do it justice. The film is actually pretty good, but you need to dig a little […]



The film is inspired by the true life of Sister Ping, I was fascinated by the woman behind the mass migration of the Fujianese community to America. Sadly I never got the opportunity to meet […]


First Date

When I showed my wife the trailer for First Date, she asked if I was sure it was a modern movie, she thought it felt like it was from the late 90s. We’ve seen, during the […]