Somewhere in Queens

Somewhere in Queens is a fantastic film that will, undoubtedly, get a slightly biased review from me. That’s because it stars Ray Romano and, as we all know, everybody loves him. I’ve been a fan […]


Mafia Mamma

Fun. That should probably be the end of the review… but I’m not sure that a one-word review is worth much to most people. Mafia Mamma is, simply put, a lot of fun. That said, I […]



Paint is a fantastic, fun, over the top film about Carl Nargle (Own Wilson), a public television personality who teaches viewers how to paint landscapes with his soft voice and big hair. Remind you of […]


One Day as a Lion

When I read the script for One Day as a Lion, it reminded me of late-’70s Woody Allen blended with the films of the ’90s, most notably Buffalo 66, where everyone who came on screen […]


Righteous Thieves

Righteous Thieves is the perfect Friday night popcorn action flick. It is a weird one, for sure, but it was a fun movie. I was hooked from the get go and rather enjoyed myself, which […]