One Shot

Sometimes you just want a mindless action flick. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, I love to sit back and forget everything and watch a movie. It’s even better when it’s a stupid film that […]



The film is inspired by the true life of Sister Ping, I was fascinated by the woman behind the mass migration of the Fujianese community to America. Sadly I never got the opportunity to meet […]



Having recently watched King Knight, I feel like Family was the perfect short to follow it. Both look at family dynamics, but in incredibly different ways. In King Knight, the film is about making a family of […]


King Knight

I’m a fan of Matthew Gray Gubler, he was one of my favourite cast members on Criminal Minds when I watched it and his scene in RV is one of the funniest parts of the […]



One of the shorts showing at Toronto After Dark this year is 10-33. The film, with a 10 minute runtime, throws you into the action almost immediately and leaves you on the edge of your […]



Dashcam is an interesting film. I’m not sure if it uses the Screenlife technology or not, but much of the film plays out like Screenlife films. This is a concept that I’ve fallen in love […]


Hard Luck Love Song

I went into Hard Luck Love Song not expecting a whole lot. I’m not sure if it was low expectations or incredible film quality, but I really enjoyed what I watched.  I’m going to assume it […]


No Man of God

No Man of God tells the story of Ted Bundy and his relationship with FBI agent Bill Hagmaier of the Behaviour Analysis Unit (BAU). Hagmaier befriends Bundy over the years, ultimately getting Bundy to confess […]


The Last Matinee

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was presented with the opportunity to watch a Uruguay-Argentinian horror film. I try to avoid learning anything about a film before I watch it, unless it is […]