Having recently watched King Knight, I feel like Family was the perfect short to follow it. Both look at family dynamics, but in incredibly different ways. In King Knight, the film is about making a family of […]


King Knight

I’m a fan of Matthew Gray Gubler, he was one of my favourite cast members on Criminal Minds when I watched it and his scene in RV is one of the funniest parts of the […]



One of the shorts showing at Toronto After Dark this year is 10-33. The film, with a 10 minute runtime, throws you into the action almost immediately and leaves you on the edge of your […]



Dashcam is an interesting film. I’m not sure if it uses the Screenlife technology or not, but much of the film plays out like Screenlife films. This is a concept that I’ve fallen in love […]


Hard Luck Love Song

I went into Hard Luck Love Song not expecting a whole lot. I’m not sure if it was low expectations or incredible film quality, but I really enjoyed what I watched.  I’m going to assume it […]