MANDIBLES is above all a genuine and sincere comedy about friendship. It’s also, thanks to the presence of a giant fly at the heart of the story, a fantasy film. Quentin Dupieux, writer/director I’m not […]


Ride the Eagle

I went into Ride the Eagle with very high expectations. I think if I’d expected less, I could have easily called this a 4.5-star or even a 5-star film. Honestly, I still really enjoyed the film, […]


The Exchange

The Exchange. See it. That should be my review. It is honestly all that I need to do. Until recently, if you had asked me about the best Canadian coming of age film, I would […]



My editor, aka my wife, is not a fan of action flicks. When an action film shows up for review, it is difficult to get her to read the reviews I write and even harder […]


Joe Bell

It starts with all of us looking more deeply at ourselves, at where we might be part of the problem, and if enough of us did that then I think we’d all be better fathers, […]


Midnight in the Switchgrass

Midnight in the Switchgrass feels like it should be a good movie… after all it’s a thriller with Bruce Willis and Megan Fox. I’m a fan of both actors and I’m a fan of thrillers. […]



Truffle hunters will camp out on their porches at night, shotgun in hand, to fend off competing hunters trying to steal their valuable pigs and dogs. What? That was one of those facts that felt […]


The Tomorrow War

I’ve often mentioned that my wife will view these movies with me. She typically edits my reviews, so seeing the film helps. In this case, however, it made for an interesting film viewing experience. When […]


Long Story Short

Imagine that your world was out of control. Every few minutes, you’ve moved forward another year. You miss all of the moments of your life except for those few minutes when you get a chance […]