Fuller House Season 4

Fuller House (Season 4)

I’ve been debating how I would review TV shows. I’ve already reviewed a couple and I definitely enjoy talking about them, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do individual episodes, full seasons, or […]


The Princess Switch

I love a good action flick; explosions, bad ass characters, and cheesy one-liners make for great movies. There are, however, a few classes of films that I enjoy even more. The most obvious of those […]



This year, Marlon, a show that has aired in the US for two seasons on NBC, appeared around the world as a Netflix Original. As a lifelong fan of sitcoms, I’m always looking for new […]


The Package

This Netflix Original was released while I had family in town and no one else was interested in seeing it. Since I finally had a few moments to myself, I decided to sit down and […]

Paradise PD

Paradise PD

I wasn’t certain what to expect when I started Paradise PD, an animated series brought to us by Netflix. What I did know was that it included voice work from Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) and Cedric […]