The Contractor

Chris Pine has been in a lot of excellent films over the years. Seeing him in The Contractor reminded me that not every film will be excellent. That’s not to say that The Contractor isn’t a good […]



When Boon first came to my attention, I was really excited. The story sounded up my alley and the cast list was filled with a selection of actors that I love seeing on screen. Actor […]



Nitram covers the events leading up to the Port Arthur mass shooting in 1996 without actually depicting the event itself. While the synoposis of the film talks about it being the mid-90s and the film […]


All My Friends Hate Me

“A dark comedy- horror mash up for anyone who’s ever experienced social anxiety and lived to tell about it.” When I saw that sentence, I knew this was a film that I had to see. […]


Lucy and Desi

The way in to a lot of stories for most people, is a love story. It’s really universal. I knew I wanted to touch on important themes – the different ways they approached work, what […]


Last Looks

Whenever I see Charlie Hunnam or Morena Baccarin in the cast list for a film or show, I know I’m going to watch it. Sons of Anarchy and Firefly were two of the best shows […]



I grew up in New York City. From a young age I was struck by the impact of poverty, drugs and violence afflicting those around me. Although the city has changed, I am still troubled […]



One of my favourite TV series was Lie to Me. It was such a fun twist on a police / legal procedural, primarily because it wasn’t a police / legal procedural but it followed the same […]



This may go down as my shortest review in history. I guess we’ll see what happens as I type. I was excited when I first saw the announcement for Warhunt. I’m a fan of both Mickey […]



It feels like there’s been a large uptick in thrillers recently and they aren’t necessarily all good. So, I was pleasantly surprised when Shattered turned out to be a rather well done thriller that kept my […]